Summer Love


Summer Love

Coachella passed, Memorial day flew by, and here it is the first week of June and I have yet to post on either. Call it a FAIL, laziness, or pure distraction, use whatever term you would like to describe it best, but here is my best attempt to salvage parts of what would have been in each post to describe my suggestions for the best BBQuing summer outfits….
Offside:> Lets be real anyways… for Coachella you wore the most random things from your “costume” pile at your house, combined with a shirt you found at the $1 Jet Rag Sunday sale, and a $9.99 Navaho printed something-or-other from Forever 21… all which will be :
1. Disposed off – (because you didn’t shower all weekend ) OR
2. You will not wear again until Coachella 2014 (OR if you decide to be LA Hipster for Halloween).
And as for Memorial Day.. .You spent 80% of the day in your bikini…

So really we didn’t lose out on much for the non-communication during that time.

Therefore for what really matters during the next few months – which is going be laid out loud in a crystal-like matter. (Please see below.)

>My thoughts of late are, enough about being super causal and dressing like some 14 year old punk-rocker boy (did anyone say Coachella..?….) this summer dress like a girl! and dress like you have style and taste.
4 Very Simple things are needed to round this look out.

1. A Dress – Summer, flirty and short. If you must… do the Lazy man’s version and wear a romper, both are great. Deciding Factor – Wear a romper to please yourself, a dress to please a boy.

Dresses on 2013 S/S Runways

Dresses on 2013 S/S Runways

The Romper - i.e. Tomboy Dress

The Romper - i.e Tomboy version of a dress

The Romper – i.e Tomboy version of a dress

H&M Dresses

H&M Dress $34.99

Bebe Romper

Bebe Romper $109

2. A Hat – A large Fedora (See My Tory Burch Obsession below) or try a floppy style. Channel your inner glamazon – (take inspiration below) while being practical in saving yourself wrinkles ; )

Look Inspiration

Tory Burch Walking Fedora

Tory Burch Walking Fedora – ON SALE $87.50

3. Wedges – They give you height (as we all know Girls carry themselves differently when they have a few inches below their heels) and they are more comfortable than heels and not as cumbersome (See my favorite pair of Cynthia Vincent wedges below).

House of Harlow Wedge

House of Harlow 1960 Veronika Wedge $240 

My favorite Cynthia Vincent Marlow Wedges

My favorite Cynthia Vincent Marlow Wedges $179

4. A Cuff – As Jewelry isn’t over practical when it is hot out and you mix in the element of water. A Cuff lends itself to be a big enough item that gives your outfit some accessory but is still practical. Stack Bangles to make a cuff or just wear one, either works.

Cuffing It

Runway Inspiration

randilynnwood featuring a beach tote


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