Dining in Vancouver


Vancouver may not  be the sunniest, cheapest, most fashionable, or cultured city.. but one thing Vancouver is, is one of the best dining cities you will ever visit. It may not be obvious I know… but take it from me (who lived there in the miserable rain for 3 years ) it has a great dining scene!

The hospitality industry is the “industry ” there. Forgot actors, directors, writers, and producers.. if you are a server, a host, a bartender, or a chef – you are in the “Industry.” This is the reason the food scene is of such a high quality. The restaurant industry is full of passionate people who are looking to make a career out of your dining experience.

I hadn’t visited Vancouver for the past few years, so I was very out of the loop when it came to knowing where the newest and greatest places to try were. I got a handful of suggestions and did my best customer research to pick out the dining itinerary for the trip.

Here are the highlights:

Medina Cafe ~ Have a waffle and a Lavender Latte’
556 Beaty St. www.medinacafe.com

Medina Cafe

Cafe’ Medina 

Waffles at Cafe Medina

Waffles at Cafe Medina

Lavender Latte

Lavender Latte

Sushi Maro ~ Flamingo Roll is my favorite (anything is good!)
220 Davie St. www.sushimaro.com

Sushi Maro

Sushi Maro

The Reef ~ Johnny Cakes and Ackee and Salt Fish
1018 Commercial Drive www.thereefrestaurant.com

The Reef

The Reef

Ackee and Saltfish

Ackee and Saltfish and a Johnny Cake 

Rodney’s Oyster House ~ Have… Oysters (obviously) and champagne! (you can’t have one and not the other)
1228 Hamilton St. www.rohvan.com

Rodney's Oyster Bar - Condiments for your Oysters

Rodney’s Oyster Bar – Condiments for your Oysters

Oyster Platter

Oyster Platter

Hawksworth – Have everything… everything is good and beautiful… their menu changes all the time. My favorite new spot!
801 Georgia St. www.hawksworthrestautant.com


Hawksworth – Georgia Hotel 

Summer Salad at Hawksworth

Summer Salad at Hawksworth

Chambar ~ Lavender/Blue Cheese Martini and Le Nico Fume’ (Chocolate scotch cake, bacon caramel, and burnt milk ice cream)
562 Beatty St. www.chambar.com

Blue Cheese Martini at Chambar

Blue Cheese Martini at Chambar

Le Nico Fume'

Le Nico Fume’

Thanks Vancity ~ its been a slice

Thanks Vancity ~ its been a slice.


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