Trending… Animal Print


There is something über glamorous about animal print ~ maybe it’s  because its “exotic”,…. soft…. supple, yet bold. And somehow when you wear it – you  feel you should be Sophia Loren laying on Chaise smoking a long cigarette, drinking a dirty martini …
Maybe you don’t feel like this at all…. and this is just MY imaginary story for who I am when I wear it –  But regardless if you are going to attempt this trend, you will need to channel your inner glamazon to pull it off… animal print is not for the light-hearted….

Having said that they are many non-intimadating, very accessible ways to wear it.
Here are my best guidelines to follow:

1. If you are a little bit afraid… just do accessories. Scarf, Shoes, Bag, etc. Wear as a “statement” accessory and it will literally make your outfit..  Wear neutral colors for the rest and keep it simple. i.e. A leopard scarf with blue jeans and a white t-shirt or a snake-skin clutch with a black dress.


Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Leopard Pumps $825.00 

2. A bit more daring…? Do one item of clothing – i.e. Pants. Keep your top very simple and cut appropriately for your frame – so you don’t look like you are wearing a costume.


7 For All Mankind Snake Skin Jeans

7 For All Mankind Snake Skin Jeans ON SALE $129.00 

3. If you want to be bold – go for a dress or jacket. Keep accessories to a minimum and try to make everything else in your look subdued ie. Hair neat, no colored or big flashy jewels or shoes.


Jamie Chung in a Leopard Dress


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