Summer 2014 ~

I’m Back!! After waaaayyy too long of a hiatus, it feels so good to be back blogging!
My schedule got away from me the past few months and blogging somehow made its way to the back-burner. No more!

I could write for hours on so many different topics, but in an effort not to bore and overwhelm you catching up on the last 6 months ~ lets catch up on present day.

I thought I would start my first post back telling you what I am obsessing about at this moment.
My obsessions/ infatuations are constantly changing as I have always been a curious person (clearly I am true Sagittarian)….so here are my winners for the moment!


I cannot believe I am saying this… but I am wearing flats! I always thought I would be like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian who have been quoted as saying ” I will never wear flats, even at 9 months pregnant.”
I am short and have always been into heels. I love how they make me feel ~ instantly more glamorous, taller, and slightly more confident. Well, after Spring 2014 and seeing flats all over the runways and constantly dealing with sore feet at the end of the day…. I tried buying a super chic pair.
LET ME TELL you.. LIFE CHANGING! Life is so much easier in flats! At work, buying groceries, AT THE AIRPORT!!! (I mean HELLO .. do not try and be a hero and wear heels at the airport… I did it for WAY too long… Not Worth IT).
There are so many cute styles at any price point. Below ~ looks I am loving.

Vince Blair Sneakers

Vince Blair Sneakers

Valentino Studded Flats

Valentino Studded Flats

Jenny Kayne D'Orsay Flats

Jenny Kayne D’Orsay Flats



Let me tell you there is a change going on all over the place over here… I-am-wearing Lipstick! Previous to the last 6 months of my life I think I maybe had worn lipstick twice in the last decade. Maybe I was wrecked from the gawd awful burgundy lipstick my mother smeared on my lips in dance competitions growing up… Regardless… as an adult I have always felt like a clown with lipstick on.
It has never really been an issue as most of the late 90s and early 00s a bare lip was the “in” thing.
Well the last few years lipstick has made a huge comeback and although I had to go through an adjustment period, I am full-on the lipstick band-wagon!
For summer I am loving the pink lip. Although the “coral” lip is truly the lipstick color of the moment, I feel pink is much more flattering, feminine and summery! Below are my two buys – a glossy and a matte.


Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer

Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer

Chanel La Diva 44

Chanel La Diva 44



I was stalking OP for weeks on the internet dying to see photos along with every detail about her wedding… When the first photo was published, I have to be honest.. I was surprised!…(yeeet not really at all).
I mean my #1 girl crush is so effortlessly chic, its annoying.

I love to hate her.

A civil ceremony ? of course… so understated and classy… (just like her)

A messy low ponytail ? why not when you look like OP..(you make every hairstyle look amazing…even if you didn’t use a brush)

Wearing shorts, a skirt and a sweater as your wedding dress ? naturally…because its the most genius combination ever (even though anyone else would look like a bum with that many layers)

Blue Manolos ? The same shoes Carrie Bradshaw wore when she married Mr. Big…? (obviously… because you are the REAL LIFE Carrie Bradshaw!!)

Amazing. Perfect Couple.




Gabbrielle Bernstein has been around for a while and although I recognized her from her input on the DailyLove’s Newsletters and Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, I didn’t know much about her. It wasn’t until a recent Reiki session and speaking to the practitioner about my need/want to incorporate meditation into my life, she suggested Gabrielle Berstein and her book “Miracles Now.” I did a little internet research, bite the bullet and bought the audiobook. I have to say I LOVED it. Gabby provides super easy, non-intimadating ways to add positivity and spirituality to your life. I listened to the audio book in a week and was so inspired I bought the hard copy and downloaded her app. (obviously I am new devotee!!)
She has many books and although I don’t have a personal experience with any of the the others, I can tell you her philosophies are great for encouraging a positive outlook on life, becoming your personal best and embracing change. Because if there is one thing we can count on in life.. its change.

Miracles now

And on that note ~ I hope you like the “change” in the appearance of the blog! I welcome any feedback!

Until next time… (a time not so far away this time)


~ Randi

gabby b 2


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