Around the world and back to blog about it



It has now been a solid 6 weeks since I have gotten back from my trip and I have come to the realization that all my procrastination and excuses for not haven wrote about my experience has GOT to come to an end.
It could have part to do with my #posttripdepression I experienced when I returned to real life……………
No more drinking rose’ at 4pm just “because”…eating dessert nearly everyday and not gaining an ounce because I was walking everywhere… macaroon..? truffle…? don’t mind if I do!! Or maybe it was the total brain break from endlessly checking my email and worrying about my never-ending to-do list. The most stressful times equated to making sure I had quality sleep on an overnight flight…. sigh… the post trip depression has not left….. Anti-climatic to say the least!

There is so much to share I think the best way to tell the story through a one sentence synopsis and in parts. Here we go with Part 1:



Day #1 – London ~ Love, Love, London – Love even more…? Selfridges and Harrods. If you do one thing go to one of the two stores and spend the day. Bring your pocketbook though… and maybe umbrella.. London tends to be rainy and no need to damper your experience after a shopping high ; ).

Hotel: St.Martins Lane
Champagne and Nibbles:



Day #2 – Paris ~ Have a croissant for breakfast, walk to the Eiffel tour, and then have a bottle of rose’ and a 5 hour lunch at Cafe De Flore while you people watch…
Oh and BTW ~ do not take it personally when the locals barely acknowledge your presence.

Hotel: Mon Hotel –
Late Lunch: Cafe De Flore –



Day #3 – Champagne, France ~ Go to Napa instead. Seriously. They do it better.

Hotel: 2nd night at The Mon Hotel
Lunch: Le Jardin in Reims



Day #4 – Monte Carlo, Monaco ~ Gorgeous, expensive and glamorous …go only if you have a yacht.




Day #5 – Prague ~ If you like beer and want see what a pig’s knee tastes like… go. Otherwise, pass.

Hotel: I don’t remember… not recommended regardless…
Dinner: Good question! (can’t remember… you aren’t missing much)



Day #6 – Nuremberg Track – Germany ~ This is something that I never thought I would do. Recommended if you are a daredevil and you want to appreciate the technicality and talent that race car driving takes. Also recommended if you want to test your mortality… not recommended if you do not. A great item for the bucket list to say the least!

Dinner: This was not a good eating day… the day was consumed by driving.



Day #7 Mykonos ~ White washed beaches, turquoise water and baklava…. !!?? New favorite place!!

Dinner: Nikkos (they don’t have a website) located in town center… ask around… local favorite!

Stay Tuned for Part 2….




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