Recap of Week 2…

So the trip was off to a very glamorous start in Europe. Rose’ drinking and cappuccino sipping… walking along the streets of the Champs Elysees and lying on the beach of the French Rivera… etc. etc. Week 2 welll… it got a little more rough around the edges.
And here it goes….



Baklava and more Baklava

Baklava and more Baklava

Day #7 – Istanbul ~Bring an extra suitcase! There is lots to buy!
Once you settle into the chaos of it all, you realize that they (The Turkish) Yes indeed too~  have excellent baklava…. not to mention Turkish coffee which is great! And bartering isn’t that bad once you get the hang of it.

Dinner: Any random street corner will do! Or you could just op for more baklava
**Tip – I would dress conservative as a woman.. no matter how hot it is outside



View of Kathmandu



Day #8,9 & 10 – Kathmandu ~ WHOA…. 3 days.. no one needs to spend three days there unless you want to spend 3 days in a third world country in a city of 1.3 million people… where it is hazardous to your health to eat the food and drink the water…? Up to you.


** Tip – I would dress even more conservatively here… and no that does not mean LuluLemon (amateur mistake : / )



Doing the Tourist thing Temple touring

(BTW- Do we not love this ladies’ photo bomb??)

Day 12 & 13 – Seminyek Beach, Bali – Beautiful of course, but save yourself 12 hours on a flight and just go to Hawaii. Promise.


** Tip: I would not drink the water


Mr. Potato Head Beach Club




Playing the slots in Macau

3am Congee

3am Congee

Day 14 – Day of Travel – PIT STOP MACAU ~ This isn’t Vegas! A lot less about drinking and a lot more about serious gambling. Nonetheless, I would recommend 3am Congee!

** Tip: If you are up for the adventure… take the ferry from Hong Kong over, it runs all throughout the night. We had an overnight stop ~ If you do the same, take the ferry from the airport!! (again amateur mistake).

Stay Tuned for Part 3…




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