The Last Chapter… Part 3…

WEEK 3 IMG_2447

Call it the Sagittarius in me, but I am always curious about the unknown…. especially when it has to do with travel. Therefore,  I was most looking forward to Week 3. We were headed to the side of the world that I had never explored before; The Great Barrier Reef, Hong Kong, Tokyo and The Great Wall were all packed into the last week.

Looking back, one day in all these places was just scratching the surface (a tiny, itty, bitty scratch at that) so naturally I can’t wait to go back and explore these places again!

Here is goes with the last week to round back ~ back home.


The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast

Day #15-#17 – Australia ~The Great Barrier Reef
It was a long haul to get there, but once you make it, you will be content to stay. As simply as I can say it … Australia is like Canada on HUGE BEACH. And by a huge beach I mean the whole country is a BEACH.

Don’t worry about taking anything other than a bathing suit and sunglasses and don’t be alarmed when every stranger wants to chat you up… (they are not trying to rob, sell, or con you into anything they are just friendly!).

Unfortuntely, my notes were getting lazy at this point in the trip… so I can’t recall exactly where we stayed or where we ate.. but the main focus was going out the Great Barieer Reef. We stayed in Townsville and took a day trip out to the Reef from there.
Day-Boat Trips are abundant in this area, so you could very easily wait until you got there to book.

**Tip – Australia travel online systems are not very intuitive. I would suggest handing over the tasks of your hotel and day trip to a travel agent.

The Great Barieer Reef

The Great Barrier Reef




Day # 18 – Hong Kong ~ The Top City on my bucketlist…. IT DID NOT disappoint!

The best way to describe it would be New York on steroids. Its super glamorous and super intense. When and if you make it to Hong Kong, its worth the splurge to stay somewhere just as glamorous as the city itself. Our experience was at The Ritz Carlton and it was my most memorable hotel experience to-date.
I would suggest experiencing the highs and lows though… Chinese food at the street market is not to be missed!!


Dim Sum @ The Ritz Carlton

Dim Sum @ The Ritz Carlton



The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Day # 19 – The Great Wall of China ~ Truly one of the wonders of the world. This was such a cool experience. Bring good walking shoes!! And get there early. Don’t go to China to visit Beijing, but do visit the Great Wall. Truly an amazing sight to see!

** Tip – don’t go to the first stop of the Great Wall… that is the most tourist ridden. The second or third stop is much calmer and less crowded.




Day # 20 -Tokyo ~ Another bucket list city for me! Tokyo makes any other city seem dirty and can make anyone feel under-dressed…. immaculately clean and immaculately dressed people. Also – as everyone says… sushi is not like the sushi we are used to. No caterpillar or dragon rolls here!
There is so much to see in this city, you need some time to explore!





Day #21 – Headed home…

Ahhh It’s all over… I could have kept going! It goes without saying this was an EPIC trip. I feel so blessed that I was able to have this  experience and experience with it my dad and brother. Truly they are memories I will have forever. One day I would love to take my own children on a trip like this! An amazing adventure.


Next post I will recap what I ended up wearing !! As my wardrobe was carefully planned!



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  1. What a FUN blog to read! Love the photos. Tokyo’s food would scare me all the way back to the US. No joke. They leave the heads on the shrimp!?! YIKES!

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